Despite what “The Wire,” a Baltimore-based crime series on TV, might lead you to think, a career in criminal justice is not just about catching the bad guys. It’s also about protecting the innocent and providing justice for all, including children who often go unheard or are overlooked.

(Photo Courtesy of Evangula Brown)

(Photo Courtesy of Evangula Brown)

With a strong education and background in criminal justice, Evangula Brown is one of Baltimore’s silent heroes working constantly towards a just, more united city through her profession. As senior manager for recruitment and training at CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Baltimore, Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to assist Baltimore’s foster children, Ms. Brown aids volunteers who have been appointed by the Baltimore City Juvenile Court to look out for the child’s well-being. She also works tirelessly as an adjunct professor at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) educating students in Criminology and how research and policy effect the criminal justice system.

How has education prepared you for your job?

“Education has provided me with extensive knowledge in the area of Criminal Justice and Public Administration. At the graduate level, administratively, my education prepared me to think critically and to apply administrative concepts to real world practices.”

Could you have reached your present position without your education endeavors?

“No, especially since you are not able to teach at the college level without a Master’s degree. As an evening administrator at CCBC, a requirement was to have a Master’s degree as well.”

Where did you earn your degree(s)?

“I have an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from CCBC. I also earned my B.S. in Criminal Justice and a Master of Public Administration, Public Administration/Criminal Justice from the University of Baltimore.”

What continuing education is required for your specific role?

“I participate in professional organization to enhance my skills and to network with like-minded professionals. Presently, I am working with the Maryland Consortium for Adjunct Professional Development (MCAPD) as a committee member, as well as participating with non-profit organizations such as the The Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services. I also work as a court appointed special advocate and serve on the board as the fundraiser chair for Imagine Me, Inc.”

How do you keep your skills up to date?

“By constantly working! I keep up with professional development through CCBC and will be attending a culturally responsive workshop there in June 2014. I also attend a variety of workshops throughout Baltimore City on behalf of CASA Baltimore, Inc. regarding non-profit recruitment and best practices.”

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