To be competitive in today’s dynamic business world, no matter which industry you choose, technology skills are often at the top of the list. As an innovative, high-tech city, Baltimore’s businesses rely heavily on knowledgeable IT professionals to keep the office abreast of new, more efficient technologies, as well as to help ensure optimal use of existing technologies. Additionally, protecting systems from malware and other security risks is a constant threat that has the potential to significantly disrupt productivity at a moment’s notice.

(Photo Courtesy of Kevin Kahn)

(Photo Courtesy of Kevin Kahn)

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Kevin Kahn, president of IntelliComp Technologies, which specializes in tailored IT support services and solutions for businesses in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York City, can attest from experience not only the devastating impacts of mismanaged technology, but also how earning a technology degree was the launching point for his successful career in helping clients maintain technological control.

Even after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at University of Maryland and a Master’s in Talmudic Law at Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Mr. Kahn finds the pursuit of education a must in order to keep up with the rapid progression of modern technology.

How has education prepared you for your job?

“Education gave me the expertise and confidence for my career in IT. My educational programs taught me critical analytical and business skills that I use daily in running IntelliComp Technologies.”

Could you have reached your present position without your education endeavors?

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“Absolutely not. My education opened doors for me. I would have never landed and succeeded in my first job without my education, and without that initial success I would have never had the confidence to open up my own company.”

How do you keep your skills up to date?

“Technology changes rapidly and I must stay abreast. Our company provides outsourced IT support to many businesses in the area, and those customers look to us to be ahead of the curve. I therefore make it my business to attend seminars and to keep my certifications current. I also belong to a peer group that exposes me to a host of very experienced IT business owners where we trade ideas and best practices.”

What advice would you share with someone interested in your career field?

“Get a good education and some real world experience while in school. Do whatever you can to gain work experience, even if that means interning without pay. This experience, coupled with your education, will pave the way to your first job and a successful career.”

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