Erika Brannock, Boston Marathon survivor and preschool teacher Towson returns to Boston for the first anniversary of the marathon. Brannock was in Boston watching her mom, Carol Downing, at the marathon finish line when the bomb went off.

Brannock’s mom is competing in the race again this year. Everyone that hadn’t finished the race was given the chance to come back.

“It’s what we need to do to get closure,” Brannock said.

Brannock started walking and doing stairs in October. Then in January she found out had a soft tissue and bone infection.  She was put on two antibiotics for 8 weeks and couldn’t walk for two months.Doctors were able to get all the bacteria out and was back walking within two weeks.

Brannock is now back to teaching her preschool students. She taught her first solo lesson in almost a year in March. She is also finishing up classes for grad school and getting ready for student teaching.

On Monday April 21st, Brannock will be at the finish line watching her mom finish the race.



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