BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Last Saturday night was prom night in Baltimore for some students from Montgomery County. For one couple it was a night they’ll never forget.

Ron Matz reports they were able to celebrate, but not quite in the place they expected.

Kasey Rosen wanted to impress on prom night and did she ever. She had her hair and makeup done and took pictures with friends. Destination: Baltimore’s National Aquarium with boyfriend Josh Popkin.

“When I told him I was going to come to the hospital in my dress he said ‘I might actually pass out.’ It was cute,” Rosen said.

That’s right. Rosen’s prom night entrance was at Popkin’s room at D.C.’s Children’s Hospital. Popkin had suffered a collapsed lung the day before.

“Something similar happened to him last year. I saw him Friday and he didn’t look any better than he had the day before. I told him to see a doctor to make sure everything was OK. His parents took him on Friday,” Rosen said.

She says Popkin told her to enjoy the big night at the aquarium without him, but Rosen said no way.

“It took me forever to find a dress. It was stressful. We went through a lot together to get ready for the prom. I couldn’t have imagined going without him,” Rosen said.

Even though Rosen missed her prom at the National Aquarium, she says she has no regrets.

“It had more meaning behind it,” she said. “It was not your typical prom. It was just more special to me.”

Rosen is a senior and Popkin is a junior at Sherwood High School in Olney, Md.

Popkin underwent surgery and is doing well.

The National Aquarium has reached out to the couple, offering them free tickets.

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