I’m doing a slow burn regarding the mass exodus from the Maryland basketball program. The hand wringing and polite conversation really needs to be replaced with plain straightforward talk. I have discussed the situation both on air and in private settings and the repeating sentiment is that “gee, all Turgeon’s peers speak so highly of him”.

I’m not going to attack the coaches who are asked about him or even the coach himself but sweet fancy Moses can we all stop lying to ourselves?

NO coach is going to bad mouth another publicly… ever or at least in rare heated moments. To point to their public statements as fact is so ridiculous that it warrants no discussion.

This is a bottom line world so let’s cut to that line in the discussion. In sports as in business if the athletes or employees are leaving en masse despite having a life most would envy the reason is clear. The fault lies completely with the boss. Either your personality is driving people away or you hired or recruited the wrong people. Either way the blame lies at the coach’s or boss’ doorstep…. period.

Clear enough?


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