Rick Reilly is a long time sports writer for Sports Illustrated, and is currently with ESPN.

Rick joined Ed and Steve to talk about his new book “Tiger, Meet My Sister…And Other Things I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said” which hit stores May 13th.

Rick talked about giving up the sports writing business & moving to Italy. He plans to continue to write books on other topics and try to write movies while still covering some NFL topics for ESPN.

Rick also discussed Notre Dame living on it’s reputation “like it’s 1946”  & getting way too much love from the BCS.  Rick would like to know why Notre Dame gets their own TV network and a seat at the BCS decision table which gets them a huge check without going to bowl games.

Rick’s opinion of  Tiger Woods is that he is the exact opposite of  Tim Tebow where you admire Tiger’s ability but not the man, you admire Tebow as a person but not his on-field ability. Rick said Tiger has no manners, swears, doesn’t tip or pick up checks and all his jokes are dirty.

Rick also had a great story about how Michael Jordan kept people from eating his personal cinnamon buns by spitting on them.


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