Although summer doesn’t officially begin for another four weeks, Memorial Day is often considered to be the unofficial kickoff to the summer season.

As we have said in the past, Memorial Day is often the summer holiday most prone to bad weather, when compared to the 4th of July and Labor Day. This year, things are looking pretty good for the holiday.

In fact, our overall thinking on the weather this upcoming three-day weekend has actually changed very little over the past several days. We have made some minor tweaks and adjustments here, and there with the wording of the forecast as well as the temps.

However, the overall flavor of things seems to be right on target. Ranking the days this weekend, from worst to best, is probably 3-2-1: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Some folks may consider Monday to be too warm, but they will certainly be in the minority.

While the water temps are still quite cool at this time of year, the weather at the beaches on Sunday and Monday looks good. In fact, there will probably be enough of an offshore flow on Memorial Day to boost temps to near 80, even right to the beaches.


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