The Orioles lost 7-6 in ten innings Tuesday, and I have seen some people second guessing Buck for walking Reynolds, thus putting the winning run on base. Even Reynolds seemed surprised. Why walk him with nobody on and 2 outs?

To me, it was brilliant. The Brewers had no position players left to pinch hit so the Brewers used a pitcher, Yovani Gallardo, to pinch hit.

Then, what happens? Gallardo gets a double and wins the game.

The argument against Buck is he should have known Gallardo could hit. They knew. He is a career .208 hitter (with 12 career homers). David Lough and Caleb Joseph would kill for that average right now. Flaherty is hitting lower than that too. But, it’s still a pitcher facing a pitcher.

The problem wasn’t Buck, it was McFarland. He didn’t do his job. He threw 2 balls to fall behind in the count, and then grooved a fastball. Plus, give credit to Gallardo. He roped a game winning double. That is impressive. A pitcher, coming up cold, 1-14 on the year, and he delivers in the clutch.

Like I said, I have no problem with Buck’s decision, just with McFarland’s execution.


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