Jim Duquette on the Scott Garceau Show

Jim Duquette, part of MLB network radio, joins Scott Garceau to talk about the draft and which teams are making the a surprise in baseball.
Ron Washington, has the Rangers just above .500 where Duqeute comments about the teaming having depth even with there loss of players. Although they have lost a few in the rotation including, Martin Perez and Tanner Scheppers, they have done well with staying in the mix.
Concerning the draft, the Yankees have mentioned quite a few times, although they need pitching more than anything else. Another team who might need to take a strong look into the draft is the Tampa Bay Rays. Right now the Rays have the world record in the American League. Joe Maddon wants to keep David Price but it might be better to move him. Price could be available.
Speaking of Price, after the situation with David Ortiz, apparently umpires knew about there history, which went back into the post season of last year. Why did they not toss Price?
The NL East is odd, with the Mets being just above .500. What are the favorites in the NL East? Apparently the favorites are Cardinals, Nationals, and the Dodgers The favorites in the west are more than likely Milwaukee and San Francisco. Duquette says Milwaukee is a better team then he thought and picking San Francisco as a possible wild card. San Francisco has good pitching and a balanced offense.
Jeremy commented on the Oakland A’s being the best team in baseball with a quality and timely pitcher, Scott Kazmir.


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