Pro Basketball News’ Tony Mejia was on with Scott and Jeremy today to talk about the San Antonio Spurs beating the Miami Heat in this year’s NBA finals, and the future of Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

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“Blowout wise, I had the Spurs in seven last year, and I had the Spurs in seven this year. … The fact is the Heat didn’t have enough size, didn’t have enough depth, and once Gregg Popovich figured out exactly how he wanted to cram the paint and utilize Boris Diaw as a facilitator, the series was a wrap.”

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“I hope not, but it sure looks that way.” He said about Dwyane Wade’s regression. “I covered the Heat down there since his rookie year before moving up here to Orlando, so I have always appreciated, A) the person Dwayne wade is off the court, and his drive and his competitive spirit, and he doesn’t make excuses, but it’s very obvious he’s done that style that rose him to prominence. … Unless he retires, I think Dwayne Wade’s got another two, three years of us seeing him regress.”

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Tony also talked about this upcoming NBA draft, and the talent in it: “There’s a lot of talent, probably more hype in terms of these guys coming in and being franchise changers off the bat as we thought when the college season started. You can see the holes, and understand that true pros will poke at these kids. But at the same time, they’re gonna get better and the ceiling is sky high, so I think if you’re in the lottery, top 14, you feel pretty confident you’re gonna get a nice player .”