Dan Levy from Bleacher Report joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to give Scott and Jeremy a tutorial of sorts on the World Cup.

Scott and Jeremy came straight out of the gate to Dan asking who he believes could be the favorite in the World Cup. Levy believes that the home country may not be in the mix. “The Netherlands have looked great, Brazil has looked pedestrian, and they need to wake up if they want to win this thing. And Belgium has lived up to the hype, they’re a hype team that’s sort of been the Cinderella story and they have lived up to the hype.”

When asked about the most interesting games on the slate for this weekend. He stated that there were a couple of games that he’s looking forward to besides the United States vs. Portugal game, one of which is England and Uruguay taking place on Thursday. “I think Uruguay vs England is going to be a very interesting game, they play tomorrow. Both teams need to win they can’t rely on a draw, somebody has to win that game.”

Amongst other topics discussed was the growing popularity of the game. Dan brought up that as a child he was made fun of for wearing the jerseys of his heroes, Dan talked about the growing popularity of the sport and the television numbers in America. “The Brazil Mexico game did about 7 million on Univision, I think ESPN did about 10 million. Its obvious as the tournament moves on its going to grow.”