BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Prizes for you pictures. If you own a cell phone, chances are you have taken a selfie or two, but how about getting rewards for your pics?

Marcus Washington has more on what it takes to win.

All you need is your cell phone and a few historic sites.

When you’re looking to capture a moment, it doesn’t take much effort these days with a cell phone in the palm of your hand.

You may be familiar with the term selfie.

“It’s a picture you take by yourself or with a group of people,” a little girl said.

“All the time with my daughter and husband,” one woman said.

To get in on the movement, the Maryland Office of Tourism created the social media campaign, #starspangledselfie.

“To get people excited and stay in the patriotic spirit as we lead up to the commemoration of the Star-Spangled Banner this year,” said Leland Strott, Maryland Office of Tourism.

After hearing about the campaign, it didn’t take people long at Fort McHenry to join in on the action.

Not to mention, you can win a prize.

“I would definitely do it,” a little girl said.

The contest is open to anyone, no matter your age.

“Perhaps, I could do a self-portrait with pencil and water color—1814 selfie,” one re-enactor said.

OK, maybe not everyone.

“It’s cool. Why not? Why not try? I thought it was a great idea,” one woman said.

To get in on the contest all you have to do is snap and post with the hashtag: #starspangledselfie.

“Post your selfies on Twitter or Instagram using the #starspangledselfie or you can post them on our Facebook page, which is,” Strott said.

Visitors at Fort McHenry thought it would be great see if they could win.

“It sounds like a good deal. I’m happy to take some pictures and see if anyone is interested in looking at them and maybe we’ll win something,” said Mike Breslau, visitor.

“We’ll post it and see what happens. Hopefully we’ll win,” one woman said.

Pictures must be taken with an American flag or with one of the sites along the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail in the background.

Each month on the 16th, a winner will be randomly selected. The prizes include VIP treatment to the Star-Spangled Spectacular celebration in September and VIP tickets to the Blue Angels air show.

Anyone wanting to participant can start now. The contest runs until mid-September.

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