Josh Martin, an NBA writer for, joins Scott and Jeremy to discuss the potential happenings in NBA free agency within the next coming weeks.

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The hottest, most recent NBA rumor over the last few hours has been potential free-agent Chris Bosh being lured to the Houston Rockets on a max contract. According to Martin, that’s still not very likely.

“All indications are that Bosh wants to stay in Miami,” said Martin. “However, it could go the opposite direction and get Pat Riley to pursue another big name, perhaps even Carmelo, if Bosh leaves.”

As for the other smaller part of the Heat’s big three, Dwayne Wade, the Heat seem likely to work out a deal with him as well.

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“There really hasn’t been any scuttle with someone trying to get involved in talks with Wade. Miami is the only team he’s known as a pro. The Heat has some tricks of their sleeve which could make Wade effective throughout the season,” Martin explained.

Yet another big name that has cooled off recently, Kevin Love, is an anchor for much interest around the league. Though the heavy speculation has quieted, Martin thinks a familiar rumor is very possible.

“I still believe that if the Timberwolves do decide to trade Kevin Love, he will go to the Golden State Warriors. I think it’ll still happen. However, the Warriors have to realize they must trade Klay Thompson to have a shot at Love.”

While the Love talk has been quieted, the Carmelo saga has been by far the biggest lighting rod of interest, especially with the LA Lakers entering the mix. However, Martin explains that Melo will most likely be staying home.

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“Right now, it looks like it’s going to come down to the Knicks, the Lakers, and the Bulls. I think New York has shown that they’re still willing to make the moves to remain competitive in a weak eastern conference.”