Scoop Jackson, a writer for, joins Scott and Jeremy to talk about some free agency aftermath rumors in the NBA.

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After all the smoke has cleared with the NBA free agency period, Jackson believes there is still one big move out there that has the potential to create another superpower.

“I’m still waiting to see what happens with the Cleveland situation and Kevin Love. They’re kind of moving themselves to the upper tier of the Eastern Conference with Chicago,” said Jackson.

Although Cleveland’s moves have obviously dominated the headlines, Jackson points out a team that is flying under the radar while strengthening their chances for a trophy.

“For the Bulls, that’s not a bad look to get one of the college players of the year in Doug McDermott, a bigger scorer to help Joakim Noah in the post, and a prime scorer from overseas. They quietly snuck themselves into the championship conversation,” Jackson said.

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“If Cleveland does give Minnesota Wiggins and Bennett, Cleveland does move to the front of the conference immediately.”

Although that may be true, Cleveland has said publically that they’re not willing to trade Andrew Wiggins, but Schoop Jackson disagrees with that decision.

“I don’t get that. I don’t know what keeping Wiggins would do to help the Cavs get a championship. He’s too young. You have to make that move. And if I’m Minnesota, I get something for Kevin Love.”

With Cleveland and Chicago aside, the eastern conference seems weak, but there was a surprising move over the weekend which puts a Cinderella playoff team from last year into contention even more so.

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“One of my favorite moves was Pierce going to DC. That’s a beautiful move. They can even have him come off of the bench in some situations, knowing that you have a premium clutch scorer to close out games. That’s a very solid veteran replacement for Ariza leaving,” said Jackson.