Monday was not fun, but at least we had plenty of advanced warning. And that same dynamic will fire up again.

Speaking of which, I have a question for you. Do you have the emergency alert button switched on in your smart phone? I have an iPhone, but I am sure that Droids and other platforms have this feature. (I think it is required by the FCC to be honest.). If you go to your settings I am sure you can find it. Getting your quick info when storms fire up is a very big deal. To that end, should you want, offers a Weather App.

Not wanting to talk to you like your mother, but do yourself a favor and get some kind of an alert app.

By Wednesday, some of the finest summer weather you would ever want will be here. I keep hearing these network folk talking about a cold snap. Really? REALLY? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Normally these days we are facing Code Reds and heat index values of 100+. It is humid and miserable. Coming our way is sun and 82 degrees. Does anyone in their right mind have a problem with this? Hey network folk, REALLY?

Standby for a GREAT midweek and week’s end! Really.



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