Gabe Kapler joins Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan to chat with the guys about baseball.

One of the first things the guys talk about is grooved pitches. This was an issue for the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright, who threw one to Derek Jeter the other night. It was an exhibition game, so why does it matter in the first place? Most players don’t want grooved pitches, especially Jeter. Most hard working and true competitors want to see their opponents at there best.

Now with the Yankees losing last night and now four games behind. Yankees just got a pitcher and is taking a chance on him. Chase Headley, who has had a few injuries and some slumps, has been a good record with the strike zone joined the Yankees. Kapler seems that Headley will be an upgrade for the Yankees and the team is in a position to take a chance on this guy.

After the homerun derby, there was not a huge change in the second half of the season, especially not for Adam Jones who has been shining for the Orioles recently. Manny Machado is also getting back in the swing of things again. Davis is not the hitter who he was last year but when the O’s need him, he seems to come through. Unlike the Tampa Bay Rays who had less than 9% to make it to the post season, the Orioles have a 61% chance, that is pretty high for the O’s. Although there chances to making it to the post season are high, what really hurts them is there fielding independent pitching, according to Kapler. Kapler says that the Orioles need a really good pitcher, which is in fact true. They have six starters but no superstars. Someone who could possibly help the Orioles with their pitching and making chances to get to the post season is Ian Kennedy from the San Diego Padres.