By: Maria Perez

Meet Andrelton Simmons. He is currently the shortstop for the Atlanta Braves.

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(Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

 If you have heard of him, then you probably already know about his superhuman saves that have fans doing double takes (thank goodness for replays). If you haven’t, then let us introduce you to the 24-year-old Dutch with an arm of gold.

Here are five crazy plays by a shortstop you’ve never heard of:

5. This week against the Padres, Simmons casually bare-handed the ball off a bounce, getting the batter out at first. Even after the play he acted like he had done nothing special, I didn’t use my glove did I? (shrug)

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4. He channels his inner parkour enthusiast when flying over players, making a double play.

(Photo Credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

3. Sure, he makes it look easy but so does Hercules.

 2. Inspiration for Simmons comes from all over, in this case one of James Brown’s iconic dance moves.

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1. The way he fires the ball to first base on his knees makes me think he may be the real life Henry Rowengartner from Rookie Of The Year with that arm. (Honorable mention to Freddie Freeman for doing a split to make the out, there must be something in that Atlanta water)