Aaron Nagler who covers the NFL for Bleacher Report joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn on Monday to talk all things football. Aaron, who is a native of Wisconsin, attended the Brett Favre press conference Monday afternoon and thinks retiring his jersey is best for all with the Packers. “When they do finally unveil his name and number in the stadium I think everyone will go ape. I think it will be a tremendous celebration because of everything he meant to that city and team.”

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Andy Dalton signed a huge deal Monday morning with the Cincinnati Bengals to keep him in town for a few more years. A lot of people criticize the 4th year quarterback and don’t believe he deserves this money. But Aaron agrees with our own Jeremy Conn in that this is just the going rate for quarterbacks these days. “It’s a bet as to what you said Jeremy that he improves… Everyone talks about the playoff problems and there have been many. But he has improved.”

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Josh Gordon has gone through a rough offseason facing a year long suspension. But Aaron believes that the troubled wide out could see the field this year. “There is a reason that this appeal has been going on for two to three days… Here’s the thing Roger Goodell has put himself in a poor spot with the Ray Rice thing, and he has several high profile suspensions with what he has to deal with. And all will be compared to the Ray Rice suspension.”

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