BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Across the country, 16 states, including Maryland, offer some form of back to school tax breaks.

As Mike Schuh reports, the comptroller visited Baltimore to talk about what’s happening here.

Between wear and tear, growth spurts and fashion, a lot of new clothes come to school in the fall. Retailers say most families spend over $300 per child. The tax on that in Maryland is $18.

“The purpose is to give Marylanders a break. I mean, we are a high tax state,” said Peter Franchot, Maryland Comptroller.

Maryland’s Comptroller reminds us that on Sunday, a seven-day tax-free window begins. No taxes will be collected on clothes and shoes, just as long as each item is under $100.

“The thing I enjoy most about it is that people from Pennsylvania come into Maryland to shop, people from Delaware come into shop, people come in from Virginia to shop, because everyone wants a deal,” Franchot said.

And those who sell say their volume picks up five to ten percent during these tax-free weeks.

“I think consumers really enjoy this week. We’ve seen over the last four or five weeks it continues to build. The traffic continues to build up, not just with clothing and apparel retailers, but with everybody because it gets people out,” said Patrick Donoho, Maryland Retailers Association.

The comptroller and mayor came to northwest Baltimore to talk about the savings. The mayor saying every little bit counts.

“Six percent, oh my goodness, yes. We have so many families trying to stretch a dollar just to the next pay day. To give those families an extra boost. And it does make a difference, and it does add up,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The tax savings begin this weekend on Sunday.

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