The world lost one of its funniest & most beloved people. Comedian Robin Williams died at age 63 on August 11th, 2014.

We remember his irreverent, manic over the top stream of consciousness comedy with this list of his bits on sports.

If you enjoyed Robin, you understand that this material was often blue & pretty much defined the phrase  Not Safe For Work …as most of these links are.

Enjoy & remember….

Robin  Williams talks Drugs in Baseball

Baseball is a slow, is it any wonder the players need a little “speed up” , and what’s up with the white lines & coaches touching their noses all the time?

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Robin Williams On Soccer

“America finally made it to the 16, we are no longer in the Special Olympics category”

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…On Olympic Drug Testing

Skiers On Elephant growth Hormone? Snowboarders are exempt – half-pipe means something!

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…On Golf

…and Scotsman. How they could invent a sport like Golf?…it involes liquid refreshments.

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On the Olympics in Utah

“Come on down to Utah, we are going to party like it’s 1955, bring your wives…whoops!”

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And finally on the no-hitter pitched by Doc Ellis…reportedley on hallucinogenics!

“If I took LSD I’d be talking to every blade of grass…catcher steps out instead of a mask he wearing a Shiva mask”

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Read the News Story Here: Actor Robin Williams Found Dead In Apparent Suicide



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