Joe Giglio joins Scott and Jeremy to talk about the hottest and coldest teams in the Majors as the playoffs are right around the corner.

Aside from a couple of team running away with their respective divisions, Major League Baseball’s playoff picture is fairly open, and a few division crowns are up for grabs.

“This has really been a summer of streaks,” said Giglio. “As we go through these next couple months here it’s all going to even out.”
Of the many teams who have slumped down the stretch of late, the teams who made moves for ace pitchers at the deadline are oddly the worst cases. Detroit and Oakland are both scrapping to find first place in the standings.
“Detroit is the most surprising slump here because when they go David Price and put him with their staff, they looked to be getting over the hump to finally win a world series,” said Giglio.

The team the Tigers are now trailing in the AL central is the red hot Kansas City Royals. The Royals boast a few very talented young players, and look to have more pep in their step than the Tigers at this point in the season.
“They are a great story. They had a big run in June which put them close to the tigers, but kind of fell off. They’re playing very well and I expect them to continue it,” said Giglio.

Another team that’s continuing a great run at the right time is the Washington Nationals. The Nats have pulled away from their mediocre divisional opponents of late, and they’re looking ahead to the post season.
“The Nationals are just pulling away from the rest of the division. Cream rises to the top and it was just a matter of time,” Giglio said.
The National league is certainly competitive this season, but there are a few teams slated to be top seeds.
“I think the Dodgers and the Nationals make the most sense if you’re trying to pair up a National league championship, but if you’re trying to disrupt that, maybe you go with the Brewers,” said Giglio. “You look at their run differential and you think maybe the cardinals will catch them, but I don’t think so. They’ll be a tough out in October.”

It’s looking more and more likely that no one catches the Orioles in the east, however.
“The Yankees lost Tanaka which was the final blow for them, at which point people thought Baltimore would run away with that division, and they’ve done that and they deserve a lot of credit,” said Giglio.

“Jimenez wasn’t and still isn’t pitching well, but they’ve done it and they’re pitching is holding up a lot better than what most people expected,” Giglio added.


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