ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — As Marylanders make plans for the last holiday of the summer, the candidates for governor are calling attention to their campaigns.

Pat Warren reports the Brown Campaign goes on the attack.

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As the candidates take to TV to get voter attention, the Brown Campaign goes on the attack.

“But Republican Larry Hogan would take Maryland families backwards,” the ad says.

It’s a departure from an earlier ad released by the lieutenant governor’s campaign for governor, which is a straight promotion of the Democrat.

“His ads portrayed him as a responsible, friendly, warm and nice guy. But you know what they say about nice guys, and that’s what Hogan is trying to achieve by ridiculing the lieutenant governor,” said political analyst Matthew Crenson.

Brown’s second ad released Friday is a direct attack on Republican Larry Hogan. Hogan has slammed Brown in a series of Internet ads.

“I know what Marylanders are looking for, they’re looking for leaders,” Brown is quoted as saying in the ad. “Seen any?” The Hogan ad goes on to say.

On Monday, a Hogan TV ad will focus almost exclusively on what he brings to the table.

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“We’re about jobs, middle class families and restoring our economy,” the ad says.

Crenson tells WJZ both candidates are doing some careful planning. For Anthony Brown:

“I think when it gets down to the wire, he’s going to have to come up with some substantive programs that distinguish him from Governor O’Malley,” said Crenson.

As for Hogan:

“Mr. Larry Hogan is trying to make fun of him so that democratic voters will feel embarrassed to vote for Lieutenant Governor Brown,” said Crenson.

The election may still be far enough in the future that Maryland voters aren’t ready to focus on the campaigns. But ready or not, here they come.

Maryland voters will choose a governor, members of Congress and the General Assembly on November 4.

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