In no particular order, my musings on the 23-16 loss.

Sure the offense came alive in the second half, but what was Gary Kubiak thinking having an empty backfield on the final 2 plays? I know the O-line protected Joe well, but you’re inviting the blitz without keeping a back in. And once Joe was sacked on third down with an empty backfield, you have to keep a back in on 4th down. Cincy overloaded, rushed 3 against the Ravens right tackle and guard, game over!

Speaking of what are you thinking….how can Joe take a sack at the end of the first half and run out the clock? 7 years in the league, :08, come on this is Pee Wee football stuff. Quick throw into the endzone of kill the clock and take the field goal.

I thought Harbaugh made a mistake when he sent Tucker out to try the 55 yarder. It’s a 9-0 game, their offense is running all over you, you can’t give them a short field there if you miss, which is exactly what happened, and the Bengals got 3. CBS blamed Steve Smith for too many drops. He didn’t have 4. Joe throws a ball off Smith’s foot. How is that a drop? That said, there were too many drops.

The Ravens did a make a heckuva comeback. Hopefully the second half offense is a sign of things to come. Cincy got away with one, big time. 5 field goals, no TD’s in the first half, they were so lucky. And some of their play-calling..come on, a QB draw at the 5 for Dalton, and then a read option on 3rd and short for Dalton. The Bengals deserved to loss that game for letting the Ravens hang in there.

It looks like Kamar Aiken has jumped Marlon Brown on the depth chart. Jacoby Jones has now fumbled a punt in the last 2 games he has played for Gary Kubiak. Remember, his last game in Houston he fumbled a punt and gave a playoff game to the Ravens. Not his only mistakes. Huge drop end of the first half, and the last kickoff return, what is he thinking trying to return it from 9 1/2 yards deep in the endzone and his momentum going back? he returned it to the 12.

Chykie Brown, hurry back Webbie, that was tough to watch.

Joe made a great play on the TD to Smith, and Smith is one tough dude, throwing Pacman Jones aside. Couldn’t happen to a bigger punk. The Ravens defense stepped it up in the second half. Pitta is a strong dude and will have a big year. Justin Forsett had more carries in this game than he did all of last year. What happened to Kyle Juszczyk?

Don’t panic. KC and Chicago, 2 teams expected to be playoff contenders, had surprising home losses, and New England and New Orleans, both Super Bowl contenders, start 0-1.


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