Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn on Monday to go over the release of security footage that shows Ray Rice punching his now wife Janay Palmer in February. Immediately after the interview took place the Ravens have cut ties with Rice and the running back has been suspended from the league indefinitely.

Scott made a point about Steve Biscotti the owner of the Baltimore Ravens is not in front of the media often. Scott, Jason and Jeremy all believe that Biscotti should be present for the press conferences following Monday’s events. “He’s been a standup guy to this point and whether if it’s him and Dick Cass or him and legal counsel or him and flanked by whomever, the reality of this as I parse through this now is if you talk to lawyers on both sides (the NFL and NFLPA) the CBA seems to pretty severely limit the ability to try a person twice. So a team cannot suspend or discipline a player who has already been disciplined by the league.”

Scott asked if it were enough for the team to suspend Ray Rice rather than cut ties. Jason said it can’t happen because the team would not be able to ignore the elephant in the room. “Even then he has to be around for practices and meetings you see what I mean. You can’t just say ‘hey go take six weeks off’.”