BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore is set to take on one of the biggest celebrations the city has seen. Millions of visitors packed for 200 years’ worth of celebrating.

Marcus Washington has more of what we can expect starting Wednesday with the Star-Spangled Spectacular.

It’s the calm at the Inner Harbor before one of the biggest celebrations Baltimore has seen.

Wednesday is the blast-off for the Star Spangled Spectacular, marking the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner.

There are more than 100 scheduled activities during that week that people can check out,” said Bill Pencek.

It starts Wednesday morning with as many as 30 tall ships making their way to the Inner Harbor from around the world.

“Well, I think it speaks to the inner pirate in me,” said Jake Connelly. “The inner child, you know what I mean.”

Anyone attending will see more than ships, including live concerts, an air show by the Navy’s Blue Angels and a fireworks display bigger than Baltimore has ever experienced.

“Think 4th of July or New Year’s Eve and multiply it by a factor of three or four. It’s going to be phenomenal,” Pencek said.

The Star Spangled Spectacular is expected to bring more than a million people to Baltimore, shelling out $166 million within the week, generating some $7 million in tax revenue.

“It’s like this moment has come to shine a little bit,” Pancek said.

Those numbers sound great, but you have to remember that a large part of attendance depends on the weather, since a lot of the events are held outdoors.

“We’ve handled it before. I think the policy, the city and tourism have a plan and the contingency to handle all the people coming down here. They should know by now what they’re doing,” said Eddie Applefield.

We will have complete coverage of the Star Spangled Spectacular.

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