BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It has been more than four decades since the Orioles clinched a division title at home.

Linh Bui went to the Sports Legends Museum to learn more about the Orioles history.

It was 45 years ago, that the O’s celebrated the AL East title with a win at home on Sept. 13, 1969 at Memorial Stadium.

“Earl Weaver’s juggernaut of a baseball team, a team that won 109 games — the most in Orioles history — they clinched at home that season,” Mike Gibbons, executive director of the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation said. ” So this is a historic thing and it ought to be a lot of fun for the fans.”

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So who were the class of ’69?

They were a tremendous collection of athletes led by one of the greatest managers.

“The ’69 team was star-studded. They had lots of all-stars. They had great pitching in Palmer, in McNally, in guys like that, and virtually every position player was a star,” Gibbons said.

In the past 30 years, the Orioles have only taken the Eastern Division crown once in 1997 on the road.

But fans are excited and confident that the Os can clinch the division at home.

“This is just one really good baseball team. They’re very confident, they come to play everyday.” Gibbons added. “So I think Baltimore, a working class town, I think we’re especially proud of this group of orioles for all that they’re doing as a team and for our city.”

The last time the O’s won the World Series was in 1983.

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Linh Bui

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