BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Let the countdown begin. The Orioles take on the Tigers of Detroit on Thursday, but for now fans are celebrating the great season and what they hope will be a victorious playoff series.

Christie Ileto has more on the excitement in Towson.

Ten letters and three words: We Won’t Stop.

Playoff fever started at a pep rally at Under Armour.

“We try to go to as many games a year as we can. I don’t think he realizes how rare this could be,” said James Woodward Sr.

Making it to the playoffs isn’t a given, but a privilege.

Super fan Mike Egbert knows exactly what that means. His knowledge about the O’s scored him two seats to the first post-season game.

“This is cool,” he said. “I was only seven when they won the World Series in ’83 and I think this year we’ve got a chance.”

Pep rallies are happening all around the city leading up to Thursday’s big game. At Canton Square, people lined up just to get t-shirts.

Shannon and Christi live, breathe and bleed orange.

“Just watching the O’s go almost all the way so far, it’s been so much fun,” they said.

Years of mounting anticipation starting with Thursday’s big game.

Linh Bui has more from Camden Yards.

The Orioles are getting fans pumped for the playoffs.

“I feel great. The Orioles are going all the way,” a fan said.

The O’s held another “We Won’t Stop” rally before their first playoff game. This one was at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Inner Harbor.

“It was great. They were just pumping everyone up,” a fan said.

“You feel the energy throughout the city and everybody’s talking about it and it’s been such a long, long time,” said Tippy Martinez, a former O’s pitcher.

Fans answered trivia questions, collected autographs and got free t-shirts.

There are two more rallies on October 4 and 5.

WJZ and will continue complete coverage as the Orioles begin the postseason. Let’s go, O’s!

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