Michael Felder of Bleacher Report joined Scott, Jeremy and Jason to weigh in on Maryland, Jameis Winston, the Royals win in the ALCS and more. The guys opened the conversation asking Michael for his thoughts on the Royals taking the American League pennant, he believes that its going to be tough to stop a team of destiny. “Its going to have to take someone to battle them back. Obviously everybody to this point immediately liked that ’04 Red Sox team that really just seemed to have that destiny and couple of other teams that had that destiny feel. It takes a juggernaut to rise up and knock them down when they have that kind of belief.”

Jeremy asked Michael to preview a couple of games this weekend, and Michael chose to start with Virginia Tech facing Pitt in an ACC match-up. Michael thinks Tech will be hurting after a couple of injuries. “Virginia Tech doesnt have their top two running backs, so obviously thats going to be interesting obviously thats a major handicap going into a game against a Pitt team that does want to be physical.”

And finally Jason did ask Michael for his thoughts on Jameis Winston and the current investigation surrounding his autograph. Michael was short and sweet on his thoughts. “Its ridiculous quite honestly its so frustrating and its annoying,”