By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A project started several months ago in Baltimore is picking up steam. The firehouse renovation project got some more good news Friday.

Ron Matz reports it’s all happening thanks to one of our leading corporate citizens.

Jacob’s Ladder is part of the new state-of-the-art gym at the Oldtown fire station on Hillen Street.

Attorney Ron Shapiro helped start the firehouse renovation project.

“I said let’s get the business community together,” Shapiro said. “Let’s get the non-profit community together. We started building kitchens. Then we turned to the folks at Under Armour and we’ve got gyms. It’s all about appreciating people who do so much for us, our firefighters and our EMS providers.”

So far the kitchens in 18 firehouses and three firehouse gyms have been renovated with a big assist from Under Armour.

“The firehouse renovation project has blossomed. By improving the living space of our firefighters and EMS providers we improve their morale and their ability to serve our city,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “We are working to upgrade 18 firehouse kitchens in an effort to provide the resources necessary to provide healthier and more nourishing meals.”

Under Armour isn’t stopping here. They’ll help renovate three more firehouse gyms in the coming months.

“When you have a force of nature like Under Armour in your city, I think the possibilities are endless,” the mayor said.

“Our commitment to the firefighters and first responders doesn’t stop with the three gyms we’ve already completed,” said Stacey Ullrich, Under Armour. “We want to complete three more this year, so before Dec. 31 we want to be off and running and have three more firehouses fully decked out with state-of-the-art equipment.”

That equipment is already being put to good use, climbing the ladder to do a better job for Baltimore.

“Where would we be without the courage and commitment of our firefighters. It’s about time our community steps up and says we appreciate you. Here’s three gyms. Nnow you’re going to get three more gyms, 18 kitchens. Who knows what comes next,” Shapiro said.

“We have the finest fire department in the country, bar none. I want to acknowledge the bravery and the dedication of our first responders, and I am grateful for your sacrifice,” the mayor said.

Besides the Under Armour donations, FX Studios is offering free memberships to Baltimore City firefighters and EMS providers.

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