By Vic Carter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Election Day is Tuesday, and Maryland voters have an opinion on the gubernatorial race so far.

Vic Carter has their thoughts.

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Let’s look at the race overall. If you had a chance to say something to the candidates right now, what would you say to them?

“They need to engage the people, try to get their message out and articulate what it is they really stand for. What are you going to do to help the citizens of this state?” said Mark Schmidt, who owns Highlands Masonry.

Do you think that somehow what they really want to do has gotten lost in the negative campaigning?

“The negative campaigning has been a part of politics for such a long time and I think we’re in a day and age now where people see through that,” said Greg Brown, who co-owns the Land of Kush restaurant. “We want the details—from the Republican side, what is your plan? You haven’t been in office. What’s your plan? From the Democratic side, what are you going to do differently than what’s been previously done? We want the details.”

I sense that a lot of you are frustrated right now. Is that true?

“People want change and I think we’re going to get a good turnout voting day because people want change,” said Naijha Wright, who co-owns the Land of Kush restaurant.

“I think, along with the change, is who is the best candidate who appeals to my needs and my place in life, you know. Which candidate will help me be successful and provide for my family better. It’s hard to determine which candidate that is sometimes,” said young professional Jeremy Given.

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It seems also that there’s a commonality—even though some of you are from different parties, some Republican, some Democrat—seems like there’s a commonality with the frustration that exists right now. Is that right?

“I think there’s a commonality in interests at this particular time in politics. You don’t have as much widespread gaps. Society’s not as separate as it once was 20, 30 years ago. People have combined interests,” Brown said.

What is the one thing about this campaign—in particular about the gubernatorial campaign, that you wish you could change?

“I wish we could talk to both parties or all the parties together. It’s nice to have debates but we need to do the talking. Let them answer to the business people. Let them answer to the students, you know, the college students and bring that one-on-one,” said Susan Rill who owns the Dutch Corner restaurant.

Let’s assume that the election is over. It’s Wednesday morning. What’s the first thing that you think the governor of Maryland should do?

“Roll up their sleeves and get to work,” Brown said.

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