By Rick Ritter

JESSUP, Md. (WJZ) — Violently abducted right off a Philadelphia street and found alive in Maryland days later. Agents rescued Carlesha Freeland-Gaither from her kidnapper just in time. But another alleged victim of Delvin Barnes was not so lucky.

Rick Ritter has the horrifying details.

Police say the accused serial kidnapper abducted another girl and raped her before asking her how she wanted to die.

Cuffed and cursing at reporters, Delvin Barnes made his way to a Virginia jail, where he’s now on suicide watch.

His arrest concludes a five day manhunt that ended in Maryland following the violent abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither.

Horrifying video shows him swiping the 22-year-old girl off a Philadelphia street Sunday night. But Gaither was just Barnes’ latest victim. This mother’s daughter was his first.

“I just want to kill him,” the victim’s mother said.

Gruesome details of a sickening rape. Just weeks ago, Charles City, Virginia deputies say Barnes abducted her 16-year-old daughter, hit her in the head with a shovel and forced her into the trunk of his car. Deputies say he later raped her, before pouring bleach and gasoline on her.

“The burns of her skin, my daughter didn’t look like herself. It was devastating to watch,” the victim’s mother said.

Deputies say Barnes even began digging her grave.

The 16-year-old girl from Richmond was able to get away and run for help. But unlike her, Barnes took his latest victim on a terrifying ride.

The two stopped in Havre de Grace and Aberdeen, before police captured him in Jessup.

“I’m not going to say like everyone else he’s a good person because he’s my nephew. He’s not a good person,” said Lamar Burns, Delvin Barnes’ uncle.

WJZ has learned authorities found him by tracking a GPS device on his Ford Taurus.

“This could be a case study about how everything fell right into place,” said Inspector James Kelly, Philadelphia Police Department.

Police obtained video from highway cameras and were able to determine where Barnes bought his car, then went to the dealer, who said he put the GPS in the Ford—a common practice for high-risk buyers.

“It allows us to give somebody a loan because we know where the car’s at,” said Seth Francl, Elite Auto Financing.

A break in the case came in Havre de Grace, where authorities say a 911 caller notified them about a zip-tie, food broken glass, food wrappers and a Philadelphia store receipt left in a driveway.

“We had our fingers crossed and we were hoping this was going to pan out. And it was a big part of panning out,” Kelly said.

Together–two chilling abductions that have two girls lucky to be alive.

“Only thing I can say is God bless him. You didn’t succeed and I hope your *expletive* rots in hell,” the first victim’s mother said.

Barnes was extradited back to Virginia. In the case there, police say Barnes showed the victim pictures of other girls he’s kidnapped.

Authorities say it could be some time before Barnes enters a Pennsylvania courtroom because of the charges in Virginia.

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