BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Winter isn’t officially here but many states are already feeling the weather effects from cold temperatures and snow.

Marcus Washington gives us a glimpse at what Maryland could see in its near future.

Could the pictures of snow-covered streets in Wisconsin become reality for Maryland? Temperatures are expected to drop nearly 20 degrees between Wednesday and Thursday this week.

This early winter experience is part of what’s left of Typhoon Nuri, the same storm that dumped heavy rain and strong winds to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands this past weekend.

Road transportation crews in Minneapolis geared up Sunday night for the foot of snow they knew was heading their way Monday morning.

“It’s a little scary, always, the first time because people are re-learning how to drive on the snow so that’s pretty much the biggest thing,” said Minneapolis resident Jon-Michale Vincent.

Meteorologists are predicting snow from Montana to Michigan. Freeze warnings are expected to dip south, hitting Maryland on its way.

“I saw one or two spin outs but I think everyone kind of got it, at least from what I saw,” said Debby Guttman.

This is the first true test of winter many states will experience this season—with winter itself more than a month away.

Maryland will not deal with these cold temperatures but more than five million people are expected to feel the impact of the cold temperatures. This weather could impact drivers in the midwestern states and meteorologists say the winter weather is here to stay.

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