Steve Kyler of joined Bob and Glenn to discuss the opening week of the NBA season.

The NBA season is just a week old and there are some surprises just after and handful of games. The Toronto Raptors have the best record in he eastern conference with a 6-1 record while the Philadelphia 76ers are 0-7. Out West, the Lakers are off to their worst start in over over 40 years with a 1-5 record and also a smattering of teammates displeased with Kobe Bryant. The Cleveland Cavaliers are also in the spotlight with Lebron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving. The Cavs are off to a slow start but have shown signs of improvement. When asked about the Cavs, Kyler replied “the Cavs aren’t going to survive if Lebron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love have to play 40 minutes a night. Other guys are going to have to step up.”