BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the holidays approach, there’s new information about flying with your pet.

Marcus Washington has more on what you need to know when taking your four-legged friend through security.

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When traveling by air with your pet this holiday season, it’s best to get your four-legged family member mentally ready for the ride–and its carrier.

“If it hasn’t been in one before, you want to get it used to it with either treats or a favorite toy or something so it’s used to it and thinks of it as a reward rather than a punishment,” said Danielle Cattano, pet owner.

Like humans, your pet will have to go through a security check with you, and there are things you might want to think out ahead of your trip.

When traveling with your pet, it’s best to bring a few treats with you. That way, if things get a little hectic, you can always give your pet a little surprise.

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“It acts as a distraction and it gives them something to look forward to instead of just not having anything in there,” Cattano said.

One of the things TSA agents say they see often are people forgetting to follow the instructions they were just given.

“Unfortunately, sometimes people leave their pet in the carrier and we just think it’s a regular piece of carry-on luggage and we don’t realize there’s a pet in there until we see it on the x-ray monitor. And you don’t want to see that ever,” said Lisa Farbstein, TSA.

As you know, there is typically a lot going on at the airport during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

“So if a cat gets spooked, they might scratch and hop down and make a run for it,” said Farbstein. “So we do make a recommendation that you have a leash for a cat.”

When it comes to which dogs are allowed to travel on board or must travel in a kennel under the plane, that is determined by each individual airline.

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