Kevin O’Connell from CBS Sports joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn and Jason La Canfora to discuss this weekend’s college football games. The playoffs for college football are already being put in place and it will be a race to the finish. Talks are about the top 4 in the rankings, but O’Connell says, “You really have to look at the top 7 and say they can control their own destiny. Ohio State University is #8 but is on the heels of #7 Baylor. Baylor still has Kansas State left the rest of the teams are pretty much looking good. Arizona State and Oregon State play each other this weekend and he says “the winner would be in and the loser out.”

Oregon Ducks are #1 in the PAC 12 North Conference, but as usual they are chasing the SEC.  O’Connell says, “Your conference scheduling will never hold against the SEC. I love what this is doing to push some of the big boys schedule for November.” Florida State has had its fair share of controversy surrounding Jameis Winston, but it is not making an impact on the field as they remain undefeated.  O’Connell states later in the program, that he believes Winston moving on to the NFL that he has the skill set and “he can be a high caliber on the field but not sure off the field.” The NFL has had plenty of controversy with behavior off the field and certainly will be cautious about Winston.

O’Connell is only 29 years old and is currently a free agent after playing quarterback in the NFL.  He is currently an analyst for college football. The guys asked if he was ready if he got the call for the NFL, and he stated, “The ringers always on but it’s always you calling me not the teams. I’ve been really lucky to have people to help me with the transition of getting out of football and into this profession.” He stated he really enjoys football but has a new passion for being an analyst and enjoys his new profession.


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