Hi Everyone!

OK. By now you know that I simply do not buy into the hype machine that in many places on TV, radio and online, dominates the weather forecast. I tell it like it really is without panic. My approach is, actually, simple. It is sunny/cloudy, hot/cold, wet/dry.

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Having said that I can without hype say get ready to get real cold. REAL COLD.

Rain on Monday will give way to a genuine arctic blast, not unlike was out to our West last week. This time it ain’t gonna miss us. When skies clear at night the wind will pick up and the “hawk” will be right in your neighborhood.

Normal’s are now 56/36. Overnight  26, and Tuesday must 33. Now add in the wind chill.  Monday night 10-12, Tuesday  18-20. We stay in the 30s on Wednesday but winds will have calmed. And we stay in the low 40s throughout the five day.

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I need a beach.


Indications are that after the next weekend it tries to get mild again as we move toward Thanksgiving. We will revisit that later this week. In the meanwhile find your warm gear. Legit.

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