By Bob Turk

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Cold weather is here. WJZ’s First Warning Weather team will continue to update with the latest on the weather.

Bob Turk reports.

Nov. 18, 2014, 11:25 p.m.: The record temperature for Wednesday is 20 degrees, which was set in 1936. Bob Turk is expecting us to break that record Wednesday morning. The high is expected to be in the mid-30s. The good news is the wind is gone and will be gone throughout Wednesday.

It will be down in the teens throughout tonight and then another cold morning at the bus stop tomorrow. Tomorrow should get into the mid 30s.

Slowly but surely this week, it will begin to warm up with temperatures in the 60s next week.

keyframe41Nov. 18, 2014, 7:31 a.m.: The high for today is 32 degrees but wind chills are 18 to 21 mph, Marty Bass reported this morning.  The wind will be with us today and will diminish by bedtime and overnight.

Tomorrow we’ll see temperatures of 34 degrees with no real wind chill. Then look for a big warm up at the end of the weekend with 60 degree temperatures on Sunday.

For current conditions check our Weather page.


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