Hi Everyone,

Well we got one right, it’s cold! And it’s windy. And that makes it real cold. But there are no surprises in the forecast. And it’s all good from here on through the weekend.

Yeah it will remain cold, in the mid 30’s tomorrow, but the wind will calm during the overnight. (There is a big difference between a biting wind and 18, and a calm sunny day at 34.) Then a temp roller coaster begins that will, eventually, land us right back at 60+ on Sunday and Monday. Yes, you read correctly.

The in between day’s will be filled with sun, and temps, generally, in the mid 40’s. Below the mid 50’s normal, but nothing like this nonsense out there right now.

Keep calm and trust First Warning Weather. LOL!!! (Hey, as Jimmy Buffett sings, “If we couldn’t laugh we’d just all go insane!”)




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