NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s a growing concern that high-caffeine energy drinks are making their way into the wrong hands.

A new study claims that when it comes to medical emergencies from energy drinks, more than half of the calls to poison control hotlines involve children 6 years old or younger.

The young children can reportedly suffer seizures and develop heart problems after ingesting the drinks.

Helen of New York says the parents should be at fault.

“It’s always the parents with a young child that should be right there,” she told 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern.

But forget young children, 17-year-old Josephine of Yonkers won’t touch the drinks; she says her mom would freak out.

“She read about a girl my age who actually had a heart attack from drinking two or three Monsters consecutively and ever since then she won’t let me touch them,” she said.

Jeremiah, 30, drinks 5 Hour Energy shots and they’re wearing him down.

“I actually talked to a pharmacist and she said, ‘You need to start scaling back because your body can’t handle what you take on a regular basis with those,’” he said.


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