Hi Everyone!

Sick of Winter yet? (And it is not even Winter yet.) Yep this is a pretty good shot of the Arctic, but it is soon to get milder, albeit while staying below normal. After today’s mid 30’s, tomorrows high will move  up to 46. Still ten below normal but a lot warmer than the single digit wind chills of yesterday. And just wait!!! Near 60 Sunday, and near 70 on Monday!

Let’s discuss wind chill for a sentence or two. Yesterday was simply rude. Single digit stuff. Today, with high pressure building in big time, and just a light breeze, no huge wind chill hit.

The jolt is over, kind of like when a ball player say’s the nerves are done after the first play of the game. The cold season is here, and, except for a big snowfall, we have seen pretty much the worst temps/chills we will see. (Not to say that won’t happen again, but we have felt it, and survived.)

I NEED A BEACH. Just sayin’….



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