Reverse Fantasy Football, Adrian Peterson's punishment and Head Coaches in the hot seat.By Terry Ford

Episode 12 – Reverse Fantasy Football

In Episode Twelve of their weekly podcasts, Terry Ford and CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora break down week one of their Reverse Fantasy Football League results where Ford destroyed LaCanfora. It was like Terry was Wisconsin and Jason was Maryland. Reverse Fantasy Football is just picking the worst players possible to get you the least amount of points. It became a Twitter sensation last week when Jason and Terry were picking teams! And Terry is obviously much better at picking bad players than Jason. La Canfora single-handedly revived the seasons of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt. Which now leads to a new segment on the podcast….”Jason La Canfora Picks a Player Who He Thinks Will Stink But Instead Saves Their Season and Possibly Their Career.” In victory, Ford shows TONS of class and sportsmanship. So listen in and feel free to join in the fun of Reverse Fantasy Football.

Episode 13 – Adrian Peterson

In Episode thirteen of their weekly podcasts, Terry Ford and CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora discuss whether or not Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Petersen being suspended by the NFL until April 15th of next year is fair punishment. Jason and Terry get into whether Petersen would have been getting this kind of suspension if this was last year. They discuss if Petersen should get credit for the games he’s already missed by being on the Exempt List. Ford and La Canfora also look at if the Vikings should bring Petersen back next year and if the team doesn’t want to because of Petersen’s age and huge salary, they now have an easy out by playing the domestic violence card… even though the Vikings handled the whole situation as poorly as humanly possible. Jason also talks about what’s he has heard about Petersen’s future in the league and how the Ray Rice elevator video has changed the entire landscape of domestic violence punishment in the NFL.

Episode 14 – Struggling Head Coaches

In Episode 14 of their weekly podcasts, Terry Ford and CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora take a look at the head coaching situations around the league. Jason and Terry give their thoughts on which coaches who are obviously on the hot seat like the New York Jets Rex Ryan, the Chicago Bears Marc Trestman; Coaches who have had recent success but could be in trouble like the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera; Coaches of rebuilding teams who aren’t yet getting a ton of results like Gus Bradley in Jacksonville and even first year coaches like Lovie Smith in Tampa. Also, Jason gives his thoughts on how the struggling New York Giants will handle the situation with their head coach, Tom Coughlin.

Also, Ford and LaCanfora get into earth shattering topics like their daughters getting piercings, nothing safe on television for young kids, Bob Saget Gone Wild, what is our world coming to when you can’t even believe in Bill Cosby and Jason talking about his experience working with Darren Sharper.


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