Those @#$!% refs screwed us again!

That’s what a lot of folks in Baltimore will be screaming today about the Ravens loss to San Diego. They’ll be saying that the reason the Ravens lost was that bogus pass interference call on Ravens cornerback Anthony Levine when he was wrestling with Chargers receiver Malcolm Floyd in the end zone on the final San Diego drive when the Chargers scored the game winning touchdown.

Those @#$!% refs screwed us again!

Or some fans will be belly aching that the Ravens lost because those dastardly officials called 14 penalties on the home team. And someone will call and say that the NFL hates the Ravens and has the dudes in the Foot Locker shirts call as many penalties as they can on the guys in purple because of Ray Rice or Ray Lewis or because former Commissioner Pail Tagliabue wanted the city to become Redskins Country and to build a museum or because Roger Goddell got once got mugged at The Block… Alright, I made the last one up, but you get my point.

Those @#$!% refs screwed us again!

I never tell you how to think and if you want to blame the officials for the Ravens blowing a game they should have won at home then go for it. I understand. Pointing the finger at the refs makes it easier. It helped you fall asleep Sunday night. But to me that’s like texting while you’re driving, jumping the curb, hitting a guy sitting on his porch and telling that person it’s their fault they got hit because they decided to go out and sit on the porch.

Those @#$!% refs screwed us again!

In my opinion the Ravens lost because the defense couldn’t stop the Chargers. Phillip Rivers threw for 383 yards. The Chargers had 31 first downs and were 9 of 11 on 3rd down… UGLY! Maybe the Ravens should have let the refs try to cover the Chargers receivers? Couldn’t have done any worse. The pass rush didn’t get to San Diego QB Phillip Rivers nearly enough. And someone please show linebacker Elvis Dumervil where the neutral zone is so he’ll stop lining up in it. Offensively, the Ravens got into the Red Zone seven times and had to settle for field goals on four of those trips. Kicking field goals in the Red Zone is a recipe for losing. But Terry…

Those @#$!% refs screwed us again!

I’ll be hearing about all of those “bogus” defensive holding calls on the Ravens. I will also hear about how the NFL is a flag football league and they need to let the men play. Look, we can sit here all day and moan about letting the men play but the league wants to do away with defenders holding receivers. It’s been made a point of emphasis this year. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. It doesn’t matter if the defenders in the NFL don’t like it. We all have rules at work we don’t like but either you suck it up and deal with it or eventually you’re carrying your gear out in a cardboard box. I’m no football genius but I think that means if you’re covering receivers you probably should not hold them. Ah Ford, forget all of that mess….

Those @#$!% refs screwed us again!


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