Steve Mariucci of the NFL Network joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn and Jason La Canfora to look ahead to the NFL playoffs and how teams stack up heading down the home stretch. Steve has spent some time as a coach in the NFL and Scott asked Coach how he would prepare for this last month of the season in a jumbled AFC. “How many 7-5 teams can there be in the AFC by god. By and large there is parody in the National Football League okay there is a few teams like the Raiders who haven’t gotten it together lately. But most teams are still in it and most teams will stay in it for the next few weeks I like the way they schedule. The NFL does a good job scheduling division games in December when it really counts. I think they started doing that because teams started to cruise the last game or two. So important games galore and it will come down to whose healthy you know that and a lot of good match-ups.”

Most of Mooch’s time in the NFL was spent in Green Bay with the Packers and in San Francisco with the 49ers. When Coach left the Bay Area it was not a pretty situation. It appears the 49ers are going through this process with current Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. Steve gave his thoughts on the situation. “When you coach and sign on the dotted line, you’re not married you’re only dating. So nothing is permanent and it’s a shame too because Jim Harbaugh has had so much success there too. Of course this season is not over either, he can make the playoffs again. Too be talking about his conflicts with Trent Baalke (49ers GM) and then now with Jed York (49ers Owner), it’s just like gosh nothing is sacred anymore and winning doesn’t help you keep your necessarily either.”


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