By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — State and national figures show that while property crimes have decreased in Baltimore, the property crime rate is twice that of the rest of the country as a whole. Mike Schuh talks with a Baltimore man who had more than a piece of property taken from him.

Larry “Poncho” Brown makes art for a living.

“I do pieces that depict positive aspects of African American people,” Brown said.

Brown’s pieces are moving and intricate works complimented by other pieces picked up as an art dealer and world traveler. But, in his rich visual landscape, something and someone is missing.

Over the weekend, Brown returned home from a trip. He immediately realized something was wrong. The shrine to his father in his bedroom was gone.

“I had made it into a little sanctuary area actually and so it was sitting in the corner,” Brown said.

A burglar took jewelry and cash, but it’s the loss of a metal container that hurts Brown the most.

“This is, this is like having a second funeral,” Brown said.

It wasn’t just decoration. It was an urn holding his father’s ashes.

“Some things become sacrilegious. Some things should be off limits. I can’t imagine even with that kind of mindset that it would be off limits,” Brown said.

Brown said he had a great relationship with his dad, who wad also an artist and a teacher.

He doesn’t know if it’s reasonable or healthy to hold hope for his return.

“I can’t see anybody doing anything with it. I’m hoping it doesn’t get trashed. That’s my worst nightmare. I’m hoping that the person or persons involved or some eyes on the street with recognize what this thing is and return it,” Brown said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Baltimore police at 410-276-8888.


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