In the latest podcast from CBS NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora and Terry Ford, Jason and Terry talk about some of the dual threat type quarterback’s. Jason breaks down why Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill has had such a good season because Miami has changed the offense and they now have Tannehill run more. Also, there is a discussion about what’s wrong with San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Terry wonders why the Niners don’t use Kaepernick like they did early in his career when they let him run more. LaCanfora and Ford take a look at a running quarterback, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Wilson is in the Top 15 in the NFL in overall rushing and Jason gets into why Wilson has been so successful in Seattle.

And Jason shares his shocking tale of someone losing the families Yoshi remote control car. The car was last seen somewhere in his basement…He thinks. Yes, the authorities have been called to look into this matter. Truly a heartbreaking story of loss you don’t want to miss.



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