BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One of our region’s most powerful politicians is about to learn his fate. A jury convicted former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell for taking vacations, fancy cars and wedding payments as bribes. Now he may be headed behind bars.

Christie Ileto has the governor’s last-ditch efforts to stay out of prison.

He’s facing at least 10—maybe 12—years in prison and Tuesday, Bob McDonnell will learn his fate for trading the influence of his political officer for $165,000 in lavish gifts, including a Rolex, and $20,000 in designer gowns for his wife, Maureen.

Robin Trujillo was on the jury that handed down the McDonnell’s September conviction. The couple was found guilty of bribery, extortion and conspiracy.

“I think he’s gonna get according to the law what he should receive, as far as the sentence goes,” Trujillo said.

Four hundred and 40 letters from family and friends have been sent to the judge, urging leniency for McDonnell. His attorneys are pushing for 6,000 hours of community service. On the eve of his sentencing, his attorneys are asking he be allowed to keep his freedom pending his appeal. They argue he’s not a flight risk or a danger to the community. But after weeks of testimony and evidence, jurors stand by their decision.

“There was no way we could not convict,” said one. “If it was you or me or anyone else, we’d be sitting in prison.”

Maureen McDonnell was also convicted; she will be sentenced in February.

Sentencing for Bob McDonnell will begin Tuesday morning at 10 in Richmond.

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