By Mike Hellgren

Family members of the woman accusing the Ravens’ Security Chief of a sex assault are speaking about the case and angry the peace order she filed against him was dismissed,

WJZ  Mike Hellgren was the only television reporter in court on Tuesday and has video and new reaction you’ll only see on WJZ.

The criminal sex offense charge still stands against Sanders, and for the first time, we’re seeing him publicly and hearing from his legal team as well–his accuser’s relatives believe he’s getting special treatment.

Darren Sanders came to court surrounded by an entourage of lawyers, he’s one of the most powerful members of the Ravens Organization, and a former Baltimore cop who now runs security for the team.

Sanders recently gained notoriety after handling the team’s investigation into Ray Rice.

And now he finds himself at the center of the spotlight, facing a sexual offense charge following a game at M & T Bank Stadium after a woman who works there claims Sanders, smelling of alcohol, grabbed her, and tried to make her touch him sexually.

In a peace order, she wrote she feared her life, after learning who Sanders is, but the order was dropped.

When asked if she feels safe right now, lawyer Steve Heisler says, “I don’t think she does feel safe. She has confidence in the criminal justice system. She believes that mister Sanders will be brought to justice.”

Her lawyer says there’s no need to continue the protective order because Sanders can’t contact his client now that she’s a state’s witness, still some of her family members were upset.

“She fears going to work. She fears going home, and if you’ve got power, you can get away with anything.”

When asked if he got special treatment today, relatives said, ”Yes, he did. Yes, I do believe he did. He’s just a criminal and criminals need to be prosecuted.”

But Sanders’ lawyer Warren Alperstein tells WJZ his client plans to fight,

“Mister Sanders maintains his innocents. He did nothing wrong,” said Alperstein.

When asked if he was any threat, Alperstein said, “Of course not. He doesn’t know her. He doesn’t know her at all.”

Sanders is scheduled to appear in court again in February to face the criminal charge against him.

The charge is a fourth degree sex offense, with a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.


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