Hi Everyone,

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A warm front has washed up over the region and we will be out of the freezer today! NICE! Expect some sun too. EVEN NICER! The frontal passage did give us a couple of hours of sleet early on,  but there was no significant impact.

It’s another “Clipper” that is passing by to our NW that is giving us this push of warmer air up the East Coast. Later this afternoon that “Clipper” will force a cold front through and we will see temps, tomorrow, go back into the 20’s.


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By Sunday, and Monday we will see temps back in the mid to UPPER 30’s!!

Now onto the RAVENS, and the weather for the game tomorrow looks very much like ours. A lot of sun, but with temps in the low 20’s.

Get yer purple on folks, and enjoy the beginning of a weekend we so richly deserve!


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