An interesting sports week here in Baltimore. Our two major sports franchises both have two key members of the organization who are rumored to be up for jobs in other organizations.

We hear that the Toronto Blue Jays want Orioles General Manager Dan Duquette to move up north and become their CEO. The story picked up steam again this week because there are whispers that the Birds and the Blue Jays are talking about possible compensation for Duquette. This story has been lingering and lingering since December. There are stories that say the situation has become “uncomfortable” in The Warehouse and even that this thing has become “toxic” within the organization. Now I’m not the smartest guy in the world, or even in my own living room, but the words “uncomfortable” and “toxic” aren’t very positive. Duquette could put an end to this mess by just saying that he loves Baltimore and the Orioles organization but Danny hasn’t done that because… HE WANTS THE TORONTO CEO GIG!

O’s owner Peter Angelos has said that he expects Duquette to honor his contract, which runs until 2018. Angelos has also stated that the team is not negotiating with the Jays but would be willing to listen. Look, I’ve got no problem with Duquette wanting to be the CEO of a major league baseball team. It’s more power, more dough and a nice title. And if I’m the Orioles, I’ll let him out of his contract, if Toronto compensates me for losing my GM. I don’t blame Pete at all for holding his ground. The Orioles went dumpster diving, found Duquette and gave him an opportunity to re-start his career. Then Angelos rewarded Dan’s good work with a nice contract extension. Now a division rival wants to steal the head of his baseball operation. If I’m Angelos I’ll let Duquette walk only if I get something from the Blue Jays in return… And how about forcing them to take pitcher Ubaldo Jiminez!

Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak said last weekend he was returning as the Ravens offensive coordinator. Under Kubiak, the Ravens were a Top 10 in points scored and Joe Flacco might’ve had his most consistent season. But Kubiak said he was staying with the Ravens BEFORE the Denver Broncos and their head coach John Fox parted company. Kubiak and Broncos President John Elway are boys from way back when Kubiak was Elway’s back-up in Denver. Gary was also an assistant coach in Denver for a long time too so the Broncos and the city are home for Kubiak… About 20 years. And most NFL insiders believe that Kubiak is Elway’s top choice to coach the Broncos.

But my thought is that don’t you believe Elway, knowing that he was going to move on from Fox if Denver lost to Indy? Don’t you think he called his good buddy Kubiak at some point in the last couple of weeks and said… “Hey Kubs, would you want to be the head coach of the Broncos if I run John Fox out of town?” I believe that Kubiak knew about what was going on with the rift between Elway and Fox before he made his announcement that he was coming back to Baltimore next year to be the OC.

So, here’s my best guess. And keep in mind I’m wrong about 82.97868% of the time. I think Dan Duquette will end up in Toronto and become their CEO and the Orioles will get some kind of compensation like a prospect. I believe that Kubiak will listen to what Elway is selling but will stay with the Ravens and be offensive coordinator next season.


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