Raj Sharan of ESPN Radio in Denver joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn and Femi Ayanbadejo to fill the guys in on how Denver is feeling with Gary Kubiak returning to interview for their open Head Coach Position. Scott asked Raj how the fan base is feeling about Kubiak making a return to the Mile High City. “As soon as John Fox was let go and the initial list of candidates was coming out, really before that Gary Kubiak was the name that most Bronco fans seemed to identify that they wanted back here. “We know he’s got a great relationship with John Elway, long ties to the organization going all the way back to being John’s backup for all those years playing and then being the Offensive Coordinator through the Super Bowl days. So I think for most fans that’s the person they’ve identified.”

Raj elaborated on the Broncos fan base’s growing discontent with John Fox, and said it all started with the Ravens 2012 playoff run that ended the Broncos season. “It was very well received, in fact a lot Bronco fans wanted to run him off after the 43-8 loss in the Super Bowl a year ago. John Fox is a really nice guy I don’t think I can say anything really bad about him personally. But you know you always just kind of got the sense that this was Peyton Manning’s team and that Peyton Manning along with John Elway were calling the shots. For a fanbase that used to seeing Mike Shanahan for so many years being really an alpha male for a head coach, an aggressive head coach, to go to a John Fox was a little bit different for a lot of fans. I think John Fox lost the trust of this fan base in the loss to your Ravens in the playoffs when he took a knee with two timeouts in the fourth quarter.”